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What is Eideas?

The EIDEAS modular walls are a set of fully removable and reusable self-supporting panels, built with a metal structure and fire-retardant wood.

Once assembled, they form a wall that can be used simply to close perimeter enclosures or as exhibition walls for hanging pictures or display cases, sticking posters on them, mounting audio-visual equipment, etc.

The modular walls have a height of 360 cm and a width of 60 cm. The interior is completely hollow, so we can access the space to carry out all kinds of maintenance, such as passing electrical installations through them or even storing materials.

The base of the modular walls is equipped with swivel wheels and adjustable feet.

The walls are papered with “floating” paper (held taut in place at the top and bottom), which enables the joins of the panels to be concealed.

The final finish is painted, in a colour of your choice.

Quick Assembly

Assemble your exhibition easily, cleanly, safely and without making hardly any noise

Modular Walls

Possibility of creating multiple assemblies in different formats using the same modules
From €982


Once assembled they form a wall that can be used simply to close off certain areas or to create exhibition displays.

Dismantling and Storage

The walls can be dismantled, and they are storable.

In a space of 7 m2 (3.5 x 2 m) we can store up to 20 metres of 360-cm-high walls, which corresponds to a wall surface (two-sided) of 140 m2

paredes modulares para exposicion

Exhibiting has never been so easy

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